Modern and Tap dance: Simone Witherden

Banitaallet: Anita Patterson

A message from Anita:

I started dancing at the age of 10 years old, by 12 I knew then that it would be my career. So at 16 I was awarded a scholarship to the Hammond Ballet School where I studied Classical Ballet for 2 1/2 years until sadly an injury prevented me pursing it further. Ballet remains a huge passion in my life and I am lucky enough now to teach at the Believe Academy and share this with the pupils.





Street: Jumpz (Jon Martey)

DSC_0200Gymnastic Dance: Juliet Smith

Here goes: I have a passion for gymnastics and dance, and hope to be able to pass this on through my coaching. I love to see the growth in confidence in gymnasts as they gain skills and achieve their potential.








Saturday Helpers: Olivia Johnson and Freya Dutton

Help Desk: Sarah Witherden (Saturday), Esme Patterson (Tuesday)

Thursday Helpers: Jessica Thompson and Susie Redmile