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This is a 6 week programme that will DRAMATICALLY equip and prepare the children for the journey of ADOLESCENCE. Included in this course is a FREE PARENT SEMINAR that informs, encourages and gives confidence to the parents/carers of these children.

We have testimonies from both parents and young people how this course has transformed their lives – given them common ground for conversations and the security of knowing they are not alone and have the support and tools to successfully get through the phase of ADOLESCENCE.


Courses are available in the following formats:

  • For Schools – 6 week course with FREE Parent Seminar
  • Clubs
  • Small groups
  • One on one
  • Parent Seminars



For more information and to book a course please contact Simone

M: 07929354954


Give them the chance to make the right choices and decisions!

You can make a difference in their lives!